Vision Board e-Course

Vision boards can be used to help clarify all sorts of issues, such as planning for a new year  in January as your starting point. They can also be used to articulate visions for a new career or project, starting a family, joining a new group, or whenever you feel the need to clarify or focus on something.

Vision Board Workshops

A vision board is used often in life coaching as a tool to articulate and understand goals or dreams. Having a clear focus for your future makes achieving that lifestyle more attainable. Many people create Vision Boards to attract money or material goods, but I think it can go further than that. 

I have used this technique with many of my Career Coaching clients as they outline their 5- or 10-year plan. They are often looking to choose a college, start a business, look at a new job/career or transition into retirement. In the corporate arena Vision Boards can solidify your or your teams' ideas around a project, concept or new offering. It's a great team building exercise as it also fosters individual contribution. 

The key is to understand what you are trying to answer for yourself - BEFORE you start your board. It is not an arts and craft project or just a collection of pretty pictures. 

Past areas of focus have included

  • Do you want to start a business? Find direction by creating a vision board.”
  • Do you feel stuck about what to do next in life? Use a vision board to get clarity.
  • Planning your Career. Create a Vision Board to show your path.
  • Now what? Life after Retirement. Create a Vision Board to guide you.
  • Vision Board Workshop to Gain Professional and Personal Clarity.
  • Our New Mission. How do we all get on the same page ? 

Materials including the boards, glue and scissors will be provided. We would have some magazines, but participants would be required to bring their own that pertain to their own ideas and work. They will also be encouraged to share these magazines once they have collected the images they want to use. 

A workshop should last no less than 3 hours.