"After listening to her speak, I left feeling excited and hopeful."

"I have attended many talks about the college process over the past year.  Many have left me feeling more confused and overwhelmed. I was very intrigued by Priya’s insight to the college process. Priya’s approach is unique as she takes much of the stress out of how to start the search by looking at the student’s core values and who they are as a person. From there, she uses those tools to achieve a list of the right colleges for your child.  

After listening to her speak, I left feeling excited and hopeful, not only about the college process but about giving my children the opportunity to discover more about who they are, what their hopes are and how to achieve their goals.  As a mother, I feel that it is a gift to have the opportunity to work with someone who is so genuine, knowledgeable and organized while eliminating some of the stress that goes into this process."

Audrey T. , Parent


"I love Priya and I don’t use that word lightly."

“I love Priya and I don’t use that word lightly. Since we’ve been working together I have been able to stretch push and challenge myself in areas I probably would have taken forever to complete. She not only helps me to think outside the box but makes for certain I’m not living under my capabilities. Her gentle but supportive approach is just what I need to keep my life flowing positively in the right direction. And best of all, wherever I am in the world technology allows me to still keep my regular sessions with Priya. I hope I’ll be working with Priya for years to come.”

– Tasha Danvers, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Team GB, presenter

"...and came out the other end highly focused and above all happy ..."

“… I started seeing Priya following a realisation that I both needed and wanted personalised coaching to help me sort out my life and my career in particular …I came to Priya confused and a bit of a mess and came out the other end highly focused and above all happy which I have remained ever since… The overall impact (was that) I set up my own real estate asset management business. Everything I learned about myself has been put into practice and … I now find my work more satisfying. I’ve also become a better partner to my other half and to my friends.”

— Alasdair, Property Asset Manager, London, UK

"Our work together touched me very deeply."

“A few years ago…I sought out a life coach and Priya came highly recommended … Initially I met with her looking for career direction, but due to her insightful and comprehensive approach ended up with so much more! … our work together touched me very deeply and resulted in opening my eyes to a whole new level of how to approach the transition and better plan for my future. I consider our sessions a complete success…”

— Julia W, PR Project Management, San Francisco

“Thank you for helping me with my presentation skills."

“Thank you for helping me with my presentation skills. Your … feedback gave me not only the confidence boost I needed but also clear direction on how to improve … I am so pleased that I am finally able to face my fear…Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

— P. Anand Patel, CAARA Ltd. Solicitor, London, UK

“Working with Priya was a life-changing experience."

“Working with Priya was a life-changing experience … In less than 3 months, I accomplished several multi-step goals including an overseas move, a professional change and breaking free from a toxic relationship. Priya’s straightforward approach coupled with her gentle and compassionate demeanor made what was originally a fear-based and frightening phase in my life shift to an enjoyable … and transformational one. I felt like I was living in my dreams after accomplishing my initial goals and was eager to set more.”

—Alyssa, Arts Management, Chicago/Venezuela

"I love her personality and her approach to sessions."

“… I have met quite a number of different life coaches, mentors and psychologists, all nice people but it never felt I would be comfortable expressing myself … Priya is the first person I feel like I (could)… I love her personality and her approach to sessions … The sessions are (at) my pace, the way I am comfortable with… I … would strongly recommend anyone with (a) challenging lifestyle to talk to Priya”

—Sasha Kadar, MD, Branding & Marketing Strategist at Lionique Limited