Career & Transition Coaching

Career & Transition Coaching

Give Yourself Permission to make meaningful change and take the calculated risks in life to succeed.

How I Can Help YOU?

1-2-1 Coaching

Do you need help making a big decision? Then do you need support as you take action? I can help you maneuver what life throws at you. Whether that is starting a new job, starting a business, moving to a new city, starting college or transitioning into retirement, I'm here to help. 

Group Coaching

I work with corporate teams, families and small business teams to help them communicate through change. Our focus is often to achieve resolution through joint decision making and buy-in.

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Small Business Consulting

Do you have a great idea, but just know how to get started in building a new business? Do you have a small business that is just not performing as you had hoped? Do you need help with vision, passion and initial strategy? As a career coach using transition coaching, I can help.

Workshops and Talks

I love to share the concepts from my book "Give Yourself Permission to Live Your Life" in workshops and talks. The 7-step process works for individuals and groups in their personal and work life. 

Vision Board Workshops

Priya uses vision board workshops to help individuals and groups transition into a new phase of their personal life or work life. She also guides small business owners and company teams around vision and phase-in of new concepts, products or culture.  

Public Speaking Coaching

Who does not have to give some sort of presentation or talk in life? Do you need help in crystalizing you message and crafting how to get that across effectively to your identified audience. And do you need help practicing it? I can help.

Workshops and Talks

Watch Priya in action as a workshops leader and trainer.  Her works centers around personal transition coaching, career coaching and small business transitions. Her corporate clients hire her to work with teams and executives on product launches, culture segues and other industry transitions. 



Transition coach, career coach, workshops facilitator and expert interviewee, Priya Rana Kapoor, MMFT,  talks about her book "Give Yourself Permission to Live Your Life" (Balboa Press). She shares why she wrote the book and who it can help. Priya encourages empowerment and personal responsibility. This book is available on Amazon. 


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