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It seems that all academic roads lead to college entrance. The stress can start as early as kindergarten. We worry about where they will go to middle school, then high school . . . and if those schools are going to get our kids into the best colleges. Recently, in the news, we have seen the pressure that parents are putting on themselves, each other and their children to get into elite universities.... But what’s it all for? 

A Career. . . My talks and/or coaching will give parents tools to help open discussions with their children about their hopes, dreams and life goals. We will also look at how parents or guardians can be a coach or mentor to their soon-to-be college student. Parents will also learn how to ask empowering questions about how their student specifically plans to get to their desired lifestyle. In turn this will guide them into being more focused about the education they are going to need to achieve these goals. Instead of looking into the immediate future of where our children are going to go college, we can help the student figure out who they are, what they want and how they are going to get it. 

As a career and transition coach I have worked with many clients who have ended up in jobs they don’t like and have no real plan for their future. They work to survive. I don't want that for the youth of today. Coaching can help create a specific plan, and in turn this will reduces stress, and saves time and money in the long run. 


4-session package includes: 

  • Session 1: Meet as a family where will we will work together to open discussion and how to proceed
  • Session 2-4*: Combination of student, parents and family time
  • Workbook: We will use the workbook Career Choices and Changes** as a guide
  • Student is expected to do self-reflective homework between sessions
  • Student is expected to do career research homework
  • Sessions will include discussion of findings and expanding discussion
  • Challenges and solutions will be addressed throughout the process
  • All sessions are tailored to the family and student
  • Strictly confidential 

OUTCOME: Parent and student will have a clearer idea of:

  1. Who the student is, what they like and what they are good at
  2. What career they might want to pursue after college
  3. A better understanding of the cost of living and what they need to earn
  4. What they want to major in 
  5. . . .  and which colleges they are going to apply to - to achieve their goals

* each session is between 75-90 minutes

** Career Choices and Changes by Melinda Bingham and Sandy Strykes (1990-2017) is published by Academic Innovations and supported by the non-profit Get Focused Stay Focused.  The curriculum is currently being taught to over 187,000 students in the US. 

Family or Individual Coaching will:

Help Reduce Stress

Highlight Relevant Statistics

Look at Societal Trends and Pressure 

Open Family Discuss

Promote Parent Coaching

Identify Student's Values

Identify Student's Skills

Facilitate in-depth Career Research

Create an Education Plan

Create a Lifestyle Plan

Tie Action Steps to Goals

Introduce Budgeting and Financial Aid

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