Priya Rana Kapoor Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? -Mary Oliver Priya Rana Kapoor All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney



“… I started seeing Priya following a realisation that I both needed and wanted personalised coaching to help me sort out my life and my career in particular …I came to Priya confused and a bit of a mess and came out the other end highly focused and above all happy which I have remained ever since… The overall impact (was that) I set up my own real estate asset management business. Everything I learned about myself has been put into practice and … I now find my work more satisfying. I've also become a better partner to my other half and to my friends.”
— Alasdair-Property Asset Manager, London, UK


 “A few years ago…I sought out a life coach and Priya came highly recommended … Initially I met with her looking for career direction, but due to her insightful and comprehensive approach ended up with so much more! … our work together touched me very deeply and resulted in opening my eyes to a whole new level of how to approach the transition and better plan for my future. I consider our sessions a complete success...”
— Julia W, PR Project Management, San Francisco


Thank you for helping me with my presentation skills. Your … feedback gave me not only the confidence boost I needed but also clear direction on how to improve … I am so pleased that I am finally able to face my fear…Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
— P. Anand Patel, CAARA Ltd. Solicitor, London, UK

“Working with Priya was a life-changing experience … In less than 3 months, I accomplished several multi-step goals including an overseas move, a professional change and breaking free from a toxic relationship. Priya's straightforward approach coupled with her gentle and compassionate demeanor made what was originally a fear-based and frightening phase in my life shift to an enjoyable … and transformational one. I felt like I was living in my dreams after accomplishing my initial goals and was eager to set more.”
—Alyssa, Arts Management, Chicago/Venezuela


"… I have met quite a number of different life coaches, mentors and psychologists, all nice people but it never felt I would be comfortable expressing myself ... Priya is the first person I feel like I (could)… I love her personality and her approach to sessions ... The sessions are (at) my pace, the way I am comfortable with… I … would strongly recommend anyone with (a) challenging lifestyle to talk to Priya”
—Sasha Kadar, MD, Branding & Marketing Strategist at Lionique Limited